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Muslims: What is the characteristics of a Muslim, too Stupid, too Daring, or Extraordinary!?

This is [that you are reading.] an article in which we describe a way of understanding or examining the state of "Knowledge Simulation" of any  AI based computer.
"Is it? Then tell us how to do that simulation to a AI based computer."
Ok, I will tell that, but first of all, tell me how to confuse the whole world?
"Confuse the whole world? Even in this 21st century? Wow! that's amazing, really."

Thats right its amazing, but do you have any idea of the way to confuse all?
"No, I do not have any."
Not any? Then what do you say if I told you that there are technologies which one can use against a Tech Giant like Google to take control over the internet?
"What?! Do you mean with extreme latest Tech someone invented but unknown to others?" 
That is exactly what I mean.

"Are you kidding me?"

 No I am not. 
"Then who is that guy?"
Say it's me. And if I throw a challenge to the whole world that I can take control over internet and able to refrain Google from its net based business, then what shall be the answer of this world?
"Oh God! Are you not going to over predicting your ability?"
Then do you not believe in Science and Technology?
"Why not? This era made a technological revolution through Alphabet, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, NASA, SpaceX and many more, and we are the witness of this revolution by using their product practically."

Then do you not confident of my ability?
"It is not that. Actually it came to my mind seeing the "Cumulative Effects". But... what is the fact, bro?"
The fact is, I am going to go in knowing exactly how well I am going to do and I will have to prepare in all those areas I know I am weakest.
"Wow! But... isn't it going to cover a lot of fields?"
Hu, but I am not going to cover all those. I am letting you and others to challenge me throwing critical questions with a hope to defeat me, to kick my ass -which you may termit as- "Scholastic Chemistry".

"What do you say?"
That is what I mean. And why not? You know, a play never be thrilled if not highly competitive. Thus we play blind game during explaining the significance of our "al-Baqarah" article. 
"Oh Yeah, that was amazing. Even I did not have any idea where you going to reach for a better explanation. Had you any planning before?"
Oh no! That was purely a blind game. I just throw arrow into the air aimlessly. The only thing on which we were confident is our truthfulness, and natural logical explaining power based on Science. And don't try to be innocent, you spinned the ball multi directionally to make my way difficult. However what we are telling-

"Confusing the World. And what do you say? I made your way difficult in that article?? Oh buddy, this article actually going to show you what is called "difficult". Now, explain your confusing world. My God!! I am still confused, really!!!."
Wow! that's interesting, try your best, I love challenges. But let me finished the article first, Or this will be too lengthy. Now, what are we talking- like you, even the answers from Google CEO, NASA shall also be confused.
"How? Will you pl. explain?"
Look, definitely, the answer of this question is YES, or, NO. But the explanation of the answer [yes or no], will differ from one to another.
"How this could be? The answer that the question demands shall yes, or no, then, why do we need of an explanation?"

Look, those are only aware of my knowledge on religion, mainly, Judaism, Christianity and Islam- their answer will be- "NO", and their "NO" shall explain - though he is one of the best, but not the best of the best.

And those have clear idea of my knowledge and wisdom, I mean knowledge on, say, about my last 3 Articles [Psalm 110:1; Ramesses II, and al-Baqarah], their answer also shall be- NO, and their explanation shall be- If we consider that he is the best knowledgeable man on Scriptures in the human history, yet not a man on Science and Technology. 

Those clever ones found only a way to upgrade computer gaming to some extent, they will labeled me as STUPID, and thus their answer will be no, and if you even know that they found that technical way in my blog and pointed this to them, then they consider you among those, who are stupid and shall answer thus, we found it luckily in his article, and do you think he has any knowledge of this?

Those clever ones found all the stages that changes the gaming history forever, their answer also shall be no, and their explanation will be- Suppose we found all the stages that changes really the gaming history, then how do you consider that he is aware of this? Do you have any proof of his any contribution in IT sector or Gaming World? Or he is even known in those field in anyway? Most of all, if he aware any of this why not he make papers, or patents? Hahahaha..., now..... I can conclude about a truth.... that is,.... of course concluded from your question ... When a knowledgeable man like you could ask me this type question, then it is "Absolute Truth" that the world is full of STUPIDS.  

Those Tech based organisation found a way changing computer language [which is binary system now] finds a new way of making super computer [quantum based], which will change the technological history of world, actually bring an abrupt change in all branch of knowledge, make them capable to build a computer with AI, their answer will be- no, and their explanations shall be- This is the capacity of IBM, NASA, Space X, Silicon Valley, Apple, Facebook and other Tech Giant, who have years of experience to do so, but is there any strong evidence or point that a single person without any Ph.D from Indian subcontinent capable to do such?

"Then do you think, NASA is not still a computer with AI?!"
This is all about understanding. No computer is "Turing Completed" as it is not capable to perform infinite test. Actually, if a computer completed "n" number of TEST then we called it "Turing Completed", P = NP, where, n is finite number.
"I do not understand what you actually mean?"

I mean if you say a computer beat no. one chess master, then you can say, that the computer is Turing Completed for chess only, not for all game and everything. We will discuss it in details in another article for "P vs NP" explanations of our previous "al-Baqarah" that still needed some explanations that we intentionally left-out there for a greater consequence. You know, we already showed the [general] Christians - how Muhammad is the mercy to them, but we left Christian Fathers [in Psalm 110:1 article] and Jews [in al-Baqarah article].

"Yah, I want to question you about that, it is actually about the rule by which you release general Christians in your "Psalm 110:1" article, this is because after reading that article even a Muslim may think that is your own judgement."
Hahaha..., is it? That's interesting. However, we will not discuss that here, but later, just remind me. Now, what we are talking about?!- Oh yah!-

Now the the case for stupids, what is their thought of me? Actually, we do not need their answers. We just focus on their Joys. ......... When they even understand that I can earn billion dollars any time I wish, but I am doing nothing, they are happy to think that they were never be among the stupids ever, the most stupidest among the mankind is that man- that is me.

"But I am also Confused. If you really able to earn Billion Dollars a decade ago, why you not do that?"
Good Questions. It is not that I do not need any money. I do not go in that way because I have no interest in earning money selling Verses. My goal is to help people understanding- "the Truth and the Absolute Truth". Actually, help them understanding how they are blocked in this "World of Illusions".
"Hahaha.... you are talking like Aliens."

Really!! Hahaha .....Then you too confused. Hahaha..........

How I become a man with AI.
Actually, here, A means "Actual" [or, you may say "Absolute"]- as I am human not a computer- where it means artificial.
"I see!! But, is CS [computer science] ever means AI for human?!"
No, because human are labeled with IQ compared with other human, but no one compared human intelligence with computer. Actually human intelligence is interesting, it can block a powerful computer with a situation as we did in our al-Baqarah article, but computers can't create such situations. Do you know why?
Because, Computers have no practical experience with the nature through such unnatural situation, which is unique- one and only.
"One and only!!"
Sure, because,said situation that a group of Human experienced, shall never happen again. However, what I am telling-

I was born in February 24, 1965, in Jessore- a Dist- Sadar of Bangladesh, which liberated from west Pakistan in 1971. My father was a dist. level officer under Bangladesh Govt. My father bought a land in Jessore Sadar before liberation, and in 1975 [after the tragic death of our national leader Sk. Mujibur Rahman] he build our home there for a permanent settle.

It was mid of the year when my father take me to school for a admission. The school named "Sammilani Institution" - which was nearly a mile from our home. I was intended to admit in class VIII. The Head Master Shahadat Ali Ansari deny to admit me in the middle of a accademic year. My father try to convince him saying that his son some learning capacity- "his school life started with his two elder sister in class IV but his result never disappoint me."

With this- the head master not much convinced- as every child to his father is extraordinary. However he test me and asked to spell a English word- "lieutenant" and I was admitted in class VIII, section C. Total student of our class [A+B+C]= 60x3 ie 180 nos. I take my seat in one of the last bench, it is because I always preferred to be "back-bencher" and it was always amusing and fun for me.

From the early days of my life "I love to Read Books" I habituated to read books because one of my Cousin was an employee of -"Govt. Public Library." in Khulna dist. He would brought 10/15 books every weekend for my Mother and Father, and I never left any-as unread.

From the early hood, I dared to do things whatever the situation is. And all of my close friends [all are local] also like me. During tiffin period one of my classmate bet on me with a puzzle of six-matchsticks and told me that if I able to make 4 triangle with those sticks within a minute, he will award me 100 Taka, with in a hour 50, and if in the nest day then the reward will be Taka two and a cup of tea which is 30 paisa only.
I agreed and he bring-out a match box from his pocket and give me 6-sticks. He was a smoker and occasionally I taste cig. [STAR] from him.

I solve the puzzle with in a time that actually needs to construct it. Next day he was waiting in a tea stall where we regularly meet before attending classes. I asked him for my money and he gave that to me. Then I order a cup of tea for me. He asked- "What about  me?"
-"Are you damn desperate to be my friend?"
-"We  are surely friends."

Sammilani Institution on Google Earth.
I was sipping my tea looking a girl going to her School. Her dress color [pink cumise, white salwar, white orna] indicates that she is the student of Adarsha Multilateral Girls High School [in Bengali -Adarsha Balika Biddalay]" which was just adjacent to our School. Actually,  a 25' road [Ambika Basu Lane] that separates this two schools. He followed my eyes and then when his gaze fell on my face-I told him softly - "Bring her orna [scarff/dupatta] in return of your money [ie. 100 taka that he gives me] and our friendship."

He move forward and reach the girl gently and then picked her orna. It was neatly folded and stapled on her both shoulder. The girl moved 360 with a loud screaming and made a marathon towards her school leaving her books, shoes. The road was empty in that early hours of the day. So no one noticed the incident except the owner of the tea stall.

He throw the orna to the pond at the point of the incident and return to me I ordered two cups of tea for us. And then we move towards our School.

In the middle of the 1st period [each class of 45 minutes]- O my God! A girl with bare footed moving towards our Head Masters room accompanied with two Mistress.
I said to him softly- "We both clearly fucked up."
He said to me, "No, only me, if exposed everything."
I said, "Let us leave the class." and we both looking for a chance.

There are 4 peons in our school. One of them enter the class without permission of the teacher who is in his lecture. This is obviously against the rule. No one heard what the peon says to our teacher. But we both clearly understand what is going to happen. The teacher stops lecturing and told us- "No one will leave the class... before I leave." His voice was too rough.

We all are waiting. Then the girl entered our class room with a peon and starts to pass every row one by one with him. They passed us normally and nothing happened. We just released our breaths. The girl return to our class teacher and talked to him softly and then go out. Then suddenly 4 peons take position covering each door of our class. The teacher came to us and told him that he need to meet Head Master.
He asked - "Me?!?" He acted to be surprised and continued, "Right now?"
Teacher only said- "Move."
Oh!! The later story was so unpleasant, so pathetic and so remarkable to me!.

"So what?"
So we can wait and see what they do.
"What we will see and who to do what?"
All tech giant. google, facebook, MIT, Amazon, github, linkedin, microsoft, wordpress, symantec, netflix, snapchat etc if not they enjoyed our backend or "teen porn" with us.
"If not, why?"
If not then let them enjoy first. And later let them tell us what programming languages we still left non upgrading position [without knowing single of them even nor using any of their standard library] so that we can touch them for their upgradation[in/c their standard library].
Are we need microsoft [for their operating system], Google or others [for their browser service]? Amazon or IBM or others [for their Cloud service? CSS or anything?
Are not we pegged Stephen Hawking as Stupid in apps [rendered at runtime] in one of our article [rent a housewife] and running that?
So basically we have nothing to learn from any but we can teach them. But the truth is- nobody learns. By the way do you ever played x-box or google play?
Me too, but it develops in an interesting way, Wow very interesting!! So we can call all big game developing company to apply our test to their game. Hahaha..... Peoples are funny [basically those are skilled in their field] I enjoyed them always.
"You laughing!"
I laughed thinking- maybe [?] they already applied this test to their game.


# Note: I am not earning any penny from my works nor intend to do so. Its completely free for mankind for education and code checking [if there any to learn or check] not for business [but not restricted (for business) for those, who [person/organization] thinks- they capable to handle].

It is our advice not to use "CODE" [those for machine language, those web technologies even those are software] before we declare "complete". Because you do not know where we left something [unexplained] or situation demands to change some places in future. Actually, its a ongoing process. And surely, we capable changing "CODES" by changing formats even run time. Thus we never thought of protecting data [as it itself protective or we can able to do so].

We stops [for a period [unspecified]] because we need to clean net [from false data] and protect everyone [by protecting privacy and their personal data].

Feel free to asked me, if we failed to clarify. Or enjoy as DRAMA.

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Psalms: What is the Meaning of Psalm 110:1 or Matthew 22:44?

Everyone that works, works for an end in which he finds satisfaction. Wherefore God, as He is perfect hasn't need of satisfaction, because, He has satisfaction Himself. And so willing to work, He created before all things the soul of His Habib for whom He determined to create the whole in order that the creatures should find joy and blessedness in God [ie. as the Mercy of the Creations or in short, the Messiah to the Mankind], whence His Habib should take delight in all His creatures, which He has appointed to be His Messenger, His slave, and wherefore this is, so save as thus He willed.

Thus, every prophet when he came, borne to one nation only, which was the mark of the mercy of God. And so their words were not extended save to that people to which they were sent. But the Messiah, when he shall come, God shall give to him as it were the seal of His hand, insomuch that he shall carry the salvation and mercy to all the nations of the world that shall receive his doctrine."

He, the Messiah, shall come with power upon the ungodly, and shall destroy idolatry, insomuch that he shall make Satan confounded; for so promised God to Abraham, saying:

"Behold, in your seed I will bless all the tribes of the earth; and as you have broken in pieces the idols, O Abraham, even so shall your seed do."

-From this verse, it is clear, in whom this promise was made. Surely it is "in Ishmael;" not "in Isaac,". Because Muhammad, the lineage of Ishmael, cleaned Ka'ba destroying 300 idols, not Jesus, the lineage of David [a lineage of Isaac].

Book of Psalms
"Then why the Jews say that the Messiah will be among them and in the lineage of David? Is their claim baseless?"

To justify their claim, we have to inquire the lineage of David. And we find, he was of Isaac; for Isaac was father of Jacob, and Jacob was father of Judah of whose lineage is David. And now the question is- the Messiah, when he shall come, of what lineage will he be?

In Zabur (Psalm), we find that David calls him (the Messiah) Lord, saying thus:

The LORD said unto my Lord,
"Sit thou at my right hand,
until I make thine enemies thy footstool." -[Psalm, 110:1]

According to this verse of Psalms, it is clear that God shall send forth Jews Lord which shall have Lordship in the midst of their enemies, not among them. Again, If that Messenger of God, whom they call Messiah, shall be the son of David, how should David call him Lord?
"Yah, that's a big Question."
Thus it confirms the Promised Messiah shall never be the son of David.

"If this is true, then the Question is- How it is written in the Book of Moses, that the promise was made in Isaac?"
It is so written, but Moses did not write it, nor Joshua, but rather their Rabbins!
"Then how to Justify this?!"

For its justification, we have to consider the words of the Angel Gabriel, and then we shall discover the malice of (Jews) scribes and doctors. For the angel said: "Abraham, all the world shall know how God loves you; but how shall the world know the love that you bear to God? Assuredly it is necessary that you do something for love of God."

Abraham answered: "Behold the servant of God, ready to do all that which God shall will."
Then spoke God, saying to Abraham: "Take your son, your firstborn; and come up the mountain Marwah [al-Marwah- a mountain now located in the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca and interestingly, you will find in the Bible- Marwah as Moriah] to sacrifice him."
"And it is also written [in the Bible] that Isaac as the firstborn."

That's right. And thus the question arises, "How is Isaac firstborn, if, when Isaac was born Ishmael was seven years old?"
"Hu it's a question."
And, therefore, it is clear- that is the deception of their [Jews] doctors."
"Is this, then how you conclude for the result we have?

This- "Satan ever seeks to annul the laws of God; and therefore he with his followers, hypocrites and evildoers, the former with false doctrine, the latter with lewd living, today they have contaminated almost all things, so that scarcely is the truth found.
And for this, their praises of this world shall turn for them into insults and torments in hell for ever.
"Sad, very sad."

The End.
Not Yet Verified.

Jabur [Psalms]

# Someone Questioned me, "Bro, you already explained- why Muhammad is the Lord of David not Jesus, without explaining details of the verse "Psalm, 110:1". You could answer the question through the verse, yet you leave the verse and answered in a different way, why? Will you pl. answer the above question explaining details of the verse "Psalm, 110:1"?"

@ I said, "Actually, the verse Psalm 110:1, is known to all and many of them [Scholars] have attitudes that they know better than others. So I leave it for influencing them to challenge me if they find any contradiction with my above answer. And I love challenges, because it helps people to know- what the truth is.

Yah, we can answer the question through Psalm, 110:1, but that will be fully opposite that you know. But now you influencing me to answer in that way.

However, from the verse Psalm, 110:1 we came to know what David visioned during his days. He visioned that when his Lord, Messiah will come, his people will reject him. And in a phase, when they will plan to kill him, he will flee from them, from his mother land, from a place of house of God. And during his flee, when he reached near to his destination, David visioned clearly the distress of his Load and found him in his sorrowfulness, in his mental depression, when a road that goes to his homeland [Mecca] would come to his sight.

Visioning this condition of his lord Messiah, David too depressed and God comfort him at that time with the verse Psalm 110:1, which indicates that his lord will win at last, and those enemies that made his Lord to be depressed, God shall made them as his footstool. This is actually what we are being told by that verse 110:1-

The LORD said unto my Lord,
"Sit thou at my right hand,
until I make thine enemies thy footstool."- Psalm 110:1

"Is that happened later?"
We may enquirer about that.

When Muhammad realized that he is one of them those were Prophets before him, he begins to warn his people Quraish, who were enjoying Polytheism at that time. And, when the Quraish discover that he is against their gods, they tried to convince him softly because he was known to them as al-Amin- a truthful man. But when that failed, they tried to control him applying gradually harder method all that known to them. But all were in a vain. So they plan to kill him. At that point, God told His servant to depart from Mecca.

Thus, after receiving divine direction, Muhammad depart from Mecca in the night with his trusted friend Abu Bakr. And in the morning, when the Quraish came to know that the target escaped from their grip, they became ferocious. They at once announce 100 camel as reward for bringing him back to them, alive or dead.

"Is this?"
Sure, and in a phase, when this two deserter reached to a place called Joppa near Ragheb, the road to Mecca came to the sight of the Prophet. At once, the memory of Baitullah [which was once builded by Adam and later by his ancestor Abraham and his son Ishmael] and his homeland stirred in his mind. And a nostalgia [memories of the past] made him depressed and his eyes filled with tears. Then the angel Gabriel came to comfort him with this assurance-

"He, Who has made the Qur'an binding on thee, will certainly return thee victoriously to thy place of birth." -(28:85)

Now, do you find the relation to this verse with the verse Psalm 110:1? Do you find all those frames [pictures] that David actually visioned? Do you find how God shall make the enemies of David's Lord as his footstool?

"Yah, "He .... will certainly return thee victoriously" clears it all."

Exactly. Through that verse of Psalm, David told us that his LORD [ie. God] comfort him and his Lord [ie. Muhammad], telling him [David's Lord] to sit at "His right hand" [ie. to stay in SOUTH of al-Aqsa/Temple of Solomon,] ie, in Yathrib [as Yathrib/Madina is in the south [right] of al-Aqsa/Temple of Solomon], until God make his enemies ie. Quraish [Polytheists of Mecca] as his [David's Lord ie. Muhammad's] footstool.

"Ok everything cleared, but.. is not Qur'an informed us- Jesus as Messiah?"
Yah, but he is Messiah to the Jews, Qur'an never mentioned him as Messiah to the Mankind.
"Then what about Christians?"

Look, there is no relation between Christians and Jesus. Do you not see the behavior of Jesus with the Samaritan women!! Remember that incident- Jesus overlook her, yet the women running behind him [because she recognized and believed him as a prophet of God].
And what Jesus did? Nothing. But, then he was interrupted by his disciples, and they informed him of the women.

Now, do you believe that Jesus was fully unaware that a woman running behind him and cried for his help?
"Surely he aware of that."

And if this, then what is appropriate for a Prophet like Jesus in that situation? This time, it was obligated for him to answer that women, is not it?
And what he said to them?
Obviously to the disciples and the woman.
Yah disciples, because if they have proper understanding of him, they would not stop him.
A mighty prophet of God, who already showed them lot of miracles, do you think he was blind or a dumb?
"Surely not."

So Jesus said them the truth- “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”-[Matthew 15:24]
"What does this verse means?"
It means, he cannot bring salvation to others besides Bani Israel, as he was sent to their house for them only.
But, the women was desperate, as the case was her only child. So she fell on his leg and beg for help.

Now tell me, a Prophet who is in such a bindings [Matthew 15:24], could able to help her?
"A Prophet is only to fulfill their purposes, I think, as they are truthful in their Works and Deeds."
Then why the women fell on his feet and beg? Were she not aware of that?
"She recognized him as a Prophet, thus surely aware what a prophet could do and what couldn't. But I am not sure why the women did such things."

She do that because she was wise. She believed that Jesus directly could not able to help her nor able to brought salvation for her, yet he could do everything indirectly. He could pray to God to help her [which is permitted for all human beings], and that shall be granted, as- "God cannot disprove any of His servants."
"Wow!! The women is truly clever and wise!!!"

Yah. And this is why Jesus put her to TEST, thus told her, "It is not right to take the children's [Sons of Israel] bread [ie. Gospel] and throw it to the Dogs [ie. those are non Jew]" -[Matthew 15:26]

"What!?! Is it appropriate for a prophet to test one's faith insulting her, who is begging for help holding his legs?"
This is the point of thought.

Actually, Jesus did not insulting her, but remind her of his duties. The fact is, he set "A TEST" for all.
"For all?"
Yes for all.

-For the woman- it was her "Faith Test" by hurting,- because, you cannot get anything without price.
-For the disciples- it was a teaching and a reminder of the above verse -“I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”, and,
-For the future people [ie. for Christians], it is for a thought for a clear understanding that "JESUS IS UNABLE TO BRING SALVATION FOR A NON JEW."

And, Jesus set this test for all because, he realize that his disciples already failed to understand him and his duties properly, so that, they [disciples] may thought and may not derailed people from the "STRAIGHT PATH" after him;
"O My God!!"

And for the worse case, if they even do that, someone among the peoples of the Scriptures surely thought that ["DOGS" which he said to a helpless women], and thus, they may able to understand him and the verse- “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” and thereby able to SAVE themselves from RUINED.
"My God!!!"

Now, what is the result we have from the test that Jesus sets?
For the women, we find her as a WINNER. She "WINS through WISDOM". Remember what she replied to Jesus-

“Yes, Lord,” she said, “even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.”-[Matthew, 15:27],
"And what about the disciples?"
They "FAILED".
Yah, failed.

Look, after a while, in absence of Jesus, they began to discuss on the subject [Dogs] and what they conclude?
They concluded that- "he said this [dogs to a begging women] for that they are unclean- they do not circumcise"- and this is the explanation of "DOGS" what we have from the Bible [Gospel] today.

Now, tell me is it logical that a mighty Prophet of Merciful God called a helpless women "dogs" because she belongs to them, those are uncircumcised?
"No, no, it can't be true."
So, is not this their [disciples] "lack of WISDOM"?
"Surely it is."

And for this, I used a term "FAILED" for them.
And, because of their lack of wisdom, they not only failed to understand Jesus as a Prophet, but failed to justify his sayings- thus misguided us giving a "WRONG MEANING" of his sayings. So, can you expect any outcome from them that is Good?

And, this is why, they failed to resist "PAUL [Sha'ul]- the Antichrist", and its result is Christianity that we have today.

# Another Asked, "Bro, Is there anything we need to know for a better understanding of Scripture?"

@ I said, "Yes, you need to know the answer of the questions- "How Satan works?" and "How God Works?" Then it will be clear to you- what is included the mother book and what is that it excludes. Thus, it will be clear to you Verses of the Scriptures even the actions and sayings of the prophets. We may able to explain [indirect proof] with our intuitional power but we can't prove all [directly], as we based on Scriptures only and no scripture says much of it.

# My friend asked me, "Bro, what are you doing actually?!"

@ I joked, saying, "Then what should I do? Should I let Jews to live a life as Divorcee?! "
"You are a mad. Do you know that you are dealing with huge sensitive subjects?!?"

I know. Look, everything has a rule, thus for religion. Do you know the no of religion in our world in this 21st century, which obviously a century that can be termed as Science and Technological era?
Me too, but I am sure, the actual number will surprise you. It is more or less 4000. And the interesting thing is that all the group of people believing to this day that their religion is true- they are on the right path. But, is that possible?
"Do they have any proofs logically or scientifically?"
No, they only have their religion from their forefathers- inheritedly.

"Then we cannot take any of the religion as true."
Yah, we can not take any of the religion as true without proof. Actually all the religion cannot be true logically- as God is one.
"What is the logic of religion or faith when God is one?"

It is- "As God is one, so the truth shall be one; it follows that the doctrine is one and the meaning of the doctrine is one; and therefore the faith is one."
"But what about the Scriptures?"

The interesting thing is that when a scripture claims itself its truthfulness, yet it is not rejecting others [openly] except Qur'an.
"Very interesting, and what Qur'an says actually?"

It is- You will never find in the way of Allah any change, and you will never find in the way of Allah any alteration.-(35:43) He has ordained for you of religion what He enjoined upon Noah and that which We have revealed to you [Muhammad], and what We enjoined upon Abraham and Moses and Jesus - to establish the religion and not be divided therein. -(42:13)

Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam. -(3:19) So is it other than the religion of Allah they desire..?-(3:83) And whoever desires other than Islam as religion - never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be surely among the losers.-(3:85)

"If this is true that the laws of God never changes, then, how all those religion evolved?"
Qur'an answered that as- And those who were given they did not differ except after knowledge had come to them - out of jealous animosity between themselves. -(3:19)

Now tell me, are you going to accuse me as guilty?
"No, I love and admire them those are damn bold supporting truth and of course truthful in their words and deeds."
And you know truth itself has a power. It never compromises with false.
"Hu, but you placed people [Christians] in their "Test of Faith"?"

Do you actually believe that I put them? If I do not do this surely someone will do it in future. So do not blame me. Humans are "Free Willed" by creation. And you know, Qur'an promises a huge satisfaction in the hereafter, and logically, the biggest the sacrifice- the biggest shall be in return?

"Hu, that is logical, but I got nothing of its proof in my life. Actually, I always found myself as a loser, never gained from any situation. But do you have any experience of your own as Qur'an says?"

Oh no, I never had something that is valuable, so what I had to lose? Hahaha....
"Hahahaaa... that is interesting too. However, you do not mention, how people test themselves."
Look, I am not any kind of religious person as one may thought of. I am a technical guy and I am only curious to know -the way God Works to run this complicated worlds. Thus, I am in close contact with the scriptures for a long time- this is all. You know, God can't directly contact with anyone unless he is His Servant or it was pre-written in the "Mother Book". So there is no scope of thinking that I am some especial person. So it is not obligatory for me to tell them the way to pass the test, or it is?

"Look, the "Test of Faith" as mentioned by their scriptures shall cost a lot of life. Is not it true?"
"You know this, yet you put them to test. Then, if I conclude that you intentionally put them to test to decrease a significant no. of Infidels- will you disagree with that?"
Look, I have no bad intention, I love people irrespective of their religion, you believe it or not. Actually, I do not explain because nobody asked me.
"Nobody asked you to put them to the test, or they?"

I just show them the truth- [and as a Muslim it is our duties too], so that they may benefited in this world and in the hereafter and shall not able to blame us in the day of Standing.
"Ok, but if it is for their benefit, then I suppose, you should apologize and show them- how they will test themselves for a clean pass."
Now, I have to say- you have logic's.

As a Muslim we have our duty to show non Muslims, how they are bonded within the traps and makes them loser in the hereafter. The loss is huge and is irrecoverable. Having this knowledge and proof, it is my duty to inform them the truth, and this is Humanity I think.

I actually not putting anyone to any test. It is their own scriptures that put them to the Test. One can only blame that the truth revealed through me. I know, people those are religious shall never fear to test their faith.

For Christian, it is Jesus who put them to test. And traditionally, Church fathers decides the way of test- analyzing Scriptures. And surely that test will cost a lot of lives, because we all ready familiar with their "Judicium Dei". So, humanity obligated me to show the actual way of their faith test, because we already showed who are Christian and what is their relation with Jesus. And proved they are not saved and never were. Now I apologize for a failure to explain this in a proper way, in the very first moment.

Actually, there is nothing to fear in the test, even no money involvement. Their test is to leave their religion. And - they have two options for their salvation-

# 1. Step Forward, ie. Join with Muhammad as Muslim: And if they want to be a Muslim just recite Shahada in present some Muslim for a witness, that's all.

# 2. Step Backward, ie. Back to Abraham as Hanif: If they want to back Abraham, they should pledge to God for forgiven their past sins- that's all and this is the test.

"That means no need to test as that of their Scriptures?"
When the Scriptures itself lost its validity [Validity depends on purity for the case of 
Scripture. Thus it will lost its validity when it contains a single false], then how its test to be valid?

"Hu, that's a question. However, is there no other options??"
Why not? Humans are free willed by creation [we already said this no. of times], so they have all the options to choose, even not to choose. However, in this case there are two more options-

# 3. They may become Jew: In that case they should know that if they back to the Jewish religion they are not saved, because we proved that the Jews are already among them those are not under salvation.

# 4. They may hold Christianity: If they hold Christianity as before with or without a Test of Faith, rejecting the truth that revealed to them, then you know, they also not able to save themselves, because we showed them proof that Christianity was never under Salvation from the beginning, nor ever be in the future [We already showed them that they were rejected by Jesus Himself from the beginning and the Verse still shining as light in their Scriptures as proof].
Thus, #3 and #4 have no way of salvation.

"No way of salvation!?!"
Yah, no way of salvation until Jesus come back. You see they will have another chance in future. This is because God is Merciful, thus, He will not leave anything undone that may disprove His LOVE [not measurable] to the mankind nor He will leave anything for mankind to blame Him in the day of Judgment.
"Hu, but if they have some way of Salvation then why not you add this as subgroup to the pair above?"

Interesting, then you catch the point!?! Hahaha...... My God!.... Wow.... now I am impressed, really. However, I do not add them to the pair above, because we have some reasons, of course. And explaining this ["it needs a brief explanations" people still do not understand what is the difference between a). Moses (with him God talks directly) and Muhammad and, b). Jesus (Words of God directly with him and he was as the Savior of the Jews) and Muhammad, though we explain the "STATUS" of Muhammad in the very beginning of this article] here, we fear that will make this article lengthier [because people still do not understand c). "The status" difference between a 3rd class Muslim (as I am) and the Non Muslim. Thus they failed to understand the "Status of Jesus when he will come when sealed of the Prophets already visited in the past], so we will discuss this point in a separate article, just remind me. 


"Yeah, then we have to believe Jesus still alive?"
See? what Jesus said to one of his disciple?- "...if I had not been called God I should have been carried into paradise when I shall depart from the world, whereas now I shall not go thither until the judgment.... [people called him God] for this I must have great persecution, and shall be sold by one of my disciples for thirty pieces of money. Whereupon I am sure that he who shall sell me shall be slain in my name, for that God shall take me up from the earth, and shall change the appearance of the traitor so that every one shall believe him to be me; nevertheless, when he dies an evil death, I shall abide in that dishonor for a long time in the world. But when Muhammad shall come, the sacred Messenger of God, that infamy shall be taken away. And this shall God do because I have confessed the truth of the Messiah who shall give me this reward, that I shall be known to be alive and to be a stranger to that death of infamy." -Barnabas ch-112.

"Then he will come again?"
A man must have to die [Indeed, you are to die, and indeed, they (rest of you) are to die.-39:30], But, Jesus was not died on the cross but lifted up according to Qur'an [And they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him; but [another] was made to resemble him to them. And indeed, those who differ over it are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge of it except the following of assumption. And they did not kill him, for certain. Rather, Allah raised him to Himself. And ever is Allah Exalted in Might and Wise.-4:157-58]. Thus he must come again.

"But the "Faith Test" prescribed by the Christian Scriptures is different. What it would be if they follow that?"
Look, You need not to follow what is in your book, when you unable to prove of its truthfulness. Is not it true? "Hu, and if they do not test themselves?"

That is if someone not interested to test himself? Ok, His fate is in his hand, decision is self choosing. Simple.
"Clear, but what about them those [Childs those are the victim of incest] possess chemicals?"

I think if they passed and later test positive, then they have to cure themselves. They have every hope because, GOD IS MOST MERCIFUL, but a man who is uncircumcised and those are Gays, shall not eligible for the test.

"We know for certain that un-circumcision [uncircumcised shall never able to enter into the paradise because of the Promise of Adam. He promised with an oath when he was in paradise. And what is promised by father of mankind shall.....] is a greatest Sin, but what about Gay?"

You know they use sewage outlet and that gives them pleasure. Could a normal person in this civilized era ever think of enjoyment doing that disgusting job for one's pleasure?
"No, a civilized person can't do such nasty job for his enjoyment."

So Gays cannot be considered as normal, they are sick, perverted. Their heinous deeds not only unclean their body but also their soul, thus they shall deprived of Paradise in the hereafter, and in this world their hateful deed shall be considered as a crime of highest degree.
Now, can you explain the logic behind such degree?

"A crime to be considered as highest degree when that is against humanity."
Exactly. And perversion is a thing that is in a sleeping condition with our flesh, thus if once allowed, it gradually will rotten the entire society. Do you not know the story of the city Sodom- Gomorrah?

Sodomy is such a disease that never cured, Thus in ancient period it was obligatory to kill all of them those are Gay for the sake of mankind. And you know what God did to those sodomite people. He did that is not His usual practice [need to cite verse]. He wipe them out and made a sign for mankind as warning, which is known as "DEAD SEA"
"Then the Gays are under death penalty?!"
Is that God prescribed to do so?
"No, but God wipe them out and you said it was obligatory to kill them."

We are not God, and it was obligatory in the ancient, that doesn't mean it shall be obligatory to this modern era. Look, it was obligatory in that period, because they have no other alternatives to choose as a option, thus they need to do that with proper understanding Scriptural Warning -"Killing human is a greatest Sin." but today we have options- we have jailing systems for the criminals.

Now tell me why God not prescribes us to do so when He impliment that Himself?
Their crime is apparently against humanity but it's hard to prove for us. This is why God do not prescribes us to do so. Actually, what God can do we can't do that all the time.

Now, tell me what is the difference between the Gays and the Incesters?
"Sodomy is considered both as a Crime and as a Sin, but for Incesters it is only as Sin. It is because Gays never repent as they do not consider their deeds as offensive, on the other hand, Incesters repents at some point when they realize they did a thing that is illegal, considered by the scriptures as a greatest sin and then they became weak morally and realize that they commit that sin when they were out of sense and they repent [sometimes they killed them-self during repentance].

So? Yes, this is why a Gay demand severe punishment both in this world and in the hereafter [they will be deprived of paradise] whereas, Incesters have conditional options to be pardoned in this world and a chance of entering into the Paradise. Yet............"

Yet what?
"Yet we find some revolutionary discovery through their sinful deeds. Hahaha....."
What are those?
"We have now options to disprove "Darwin Theory", and some revolutionary invention in medical and all other branches of science. In medical, for example cause and remedy of cancer and other genetic disorder etc, etc, which you said in one of your article that you wrote some years ago, named ...named.. oh ha, "Ishwar Chandra". "

O yah, I wrote that in 2011. However, you cannot disprove something which is already by definition [any theory] not proved. You have all options to disprove me. Hahaha... we left that things there [without datum] without methods you know. However, is there any question on this article?
"Hu, what about Trump? Just curious. Hahaha..... "
Is not he elected legally?

Then, on what ground you asked him for a test? He is running a political system not any religious organization, so I think he is not bound to test himself during his tenure. And if you disagree with me, then what is your argument?

"No argument, just tell me, how it will be decided that a man in good faith or in bad?"
Those will be switch?

That is not our business, actually, we cannot categories human according to the level of their faith. It will be decided in the court of God in the judgment day. So one should be loyal in God's Religion and should do what is ordainment in the scripture which is valid [after Qur'an valid means not limited by time]; Or they may go in their own way.
"Ok leave it, now, tell us something about the blogs in general."

Oh, yah, ............
Dear reader, actually the truth is that, all the Articles in this blogs are not my own, sometimes I collect articles with an intention to reshape them. Thus, you find some articles in my blog fully copied from others [as it is not modified yet], some modified, and some belongs to me. Honestly, those are copied, I publish them thinking readers may enjoy them and later I will modify them. It is true that, we never done any business with others material nor ever intended to so in future. I am glad and grateful to Google and those I do not know. Thank Google that they open a platform and let us expose ourselves free, and take initiatives to educate people. This is really great and I am grateful to them, because I believe that education is the birthright of human, thus copyright of educational book is against humanity.

However, what I am saying, actually those articles belongs to me are not perfect grammatically. And I leave those as usual, because, I am not going to produce any academic paper. So, enjoy in your own way.
"Are you really honest telling them truth?"
What do you mean?
"You are omitting absolute truth, I know, you are not correcting those grammatical errors because you are not capable to do that, your English is terrible, is not it true?"
Thanks, you are right 100%. But if you want to shamed me by telling this publicly. Then, I need to tell you that I am really not ashamed of my deficiency in English, as English is not my language, and the truth is, I never try to learn it.
"No, I do not mean that, just fun. However, what about new articles?"

Oh ha, thanks for reminding me.
Dear reader, those articles are still incomplete, we hope to finish them and in future, we want to produce some interesting article [if God wishes and if we have time to spare], hope you will not disappoint. And, feel free to asked us questions, if you really want to asked. But, if any of you want to test us, you have to declare your identity. Surely, we love to take challenges for a fair play- openly.

# Note: Article produced with the help of
-my Active Brain [Controlled]
-my Scattered Soul [Uncontrolled]

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Pharaoh: Is Ramesses II was the Pharaoh During the Time of Moses?

It is true that Qur'an does not mention the name of the Pharaoh who unjustly oppressed Moses and the Children of Israel. When combined, the information provided by the Qur'an and the ancient Egyptian sources including the archaeological and documentary evidence, there are a sufficient number of clues that point towards the New Kingdom period in general and to the Pharaoh Ramesses -II in particular who reigned for about 66 years from 1279–1213 BCE. -(The Identification Of Pharaoh During The Time Of Moses by M S M Saifullah, ʿAbdullah David, and Mohammad Ghoniem.)

The Pharaoh in ancient Egypt was the political and religious leader of the people and 'High Priest of Every Temple'. The word 'pharaoh' is the Greek form of the Egyptian 'pero' or 'per-a-a', which was the designation for the royal residence and means 'Great House'. The name of the residence became associated with the ruler and, in time, was used exclusively for the leader of the people. The early monarchs of Egypt were not known as pharaohs but as kings. The honorific title of 'pharaoh' for a ruler did not appear until the period known as the New Kingdom (1570-1069 BCE). Monarchs of the dynasties before the New Kingdom were addressed as 'your majesty' by foreign dignitaries and members of the court and as 'brother' by foreign rulers; both practices would continue after the king of Egypt came to be known as a pharaoh.

The Pharaoh who ruled Egypt during the time of Joseph was called Rayan bin al-Walid. Seeing how Joseph had saved the country from famine, the King gave him a lot of powers in running the affairs of the country. Therefore Joseph enjoyed a high standing and nobility in Egypt, and his people lived very comfortably. And later a King by the name of Qaboos bin Mus'ab took the power and named himself Ramesses-II. This king was a tyrant and oppressed the Israelis and with their free service, he built the city of Pi-Ramesses. 

The haughtiness [disdain, dominance, and despair] of Ramesses-II, that carved on the pedestal, depicted by Shelley as-

"King of Kings am I, Osymandias.
If anyone would know how great I am and where I lie,
let him surpass one of my works."

Ramesses-II, born unknown, died July or August 1213 BCE; reigned not clear [but 1279–1213 BCE- as Manetho attributes], also known as "Ramesses the Great" was the Pharaoh during the time of Moses. He is often regarded as the greatest, most celebrated, and most powerful pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire. His successors called him the "Great Ancestor". Ramesses-II led several military expeditions into the Levant, reasserting Egyptian control over Canaan. He also led expeditions to the south, into Nubia, commemorated in inscriptions at Beit el-Wali and Gerf Hussein.

Most Egyptologists today assumed that Ramesses-II enthroned on May 31, 1279, BCE, based on his known accession date of III Shemu day 27. Estimates of his age at death vary; 90-96 is considered most likely. Ramesses II celebrated an unprecedented 14 sed festivals (the first held after thirty years of a pharaoh's reign, and then every three years) during his reign—more than any other pharaoh. On his death, he was buried in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings; his body was later moved to a royal cache where it was discovered in 1881 and is now on display in the Cairo Museum.

The early part of his reign was focused on building cities, temples, and monuments. He established the city of Pi-Ramesses in the Nile Delta as his new capital and main base for his campaigns in Syria. He is also known as Ozymandias in the Greek sources, from a transliteration into Greek of a part of Ramesses' throne name, Usermaatre Setepenre, "The justice of Rê is powerful – chosen of Rê".

Pharaoh who is ruling the Egypt died suddenly. He leaves no heirs nor nominated someone to be the heirs of his throne. So the Advisers panel nominated a person as the king. The man who nominated as the king of Egypt was not an Egyptian. His real name was Qaboos, birth place Balkh. In his youth, he was to try and make out. Once he arrived in the city Beusahama. There he met with a vagabond young man named Haman. A friendship quickly developed among them as both of them were of the same nature and character.

They go round and once reached in Egypt. In the meantime, they two did not have a single dime in their pocket. It was the Musk-melon season. They found the beauty of the ripe Musk-melon in a field beside the road. The owner of the field underwent working with the labor.

Qaboos and Haman wanted to eat a musk-melon telling their hunger to the owner. The owner said in disgust, "You are healthy and strong young man. Why you are begging? Do some jobs for your livelihood."
They said, 'What do we do now?'
He said: "Sell some of my musk-melon in the market".

Qaboos then leaving Haman to the owner as the bail, went the market to sell a lot of musk-melon and return in a short time after selling the lot and pay the owner the price of the lot.

The owner was fully satisfied and happily gave them two musk-melon to eat. He also gave Qaboos some money as the price of his service. The owner then proposed them to be his employer as permanently. The offer was very attractive, yet they refused to say goodbye and went ahead towards the Egyptian capital.

A Pharaoh is ruling the Egypt. Qaboos learn that he was liberal, humanitarian and an upright. So he applied to the court of Pharaoh for an interview with a hope of a Job. When the court announced his name to hear him, he laid his petition to the Pharaoh after usual greeting as- "O Sovereign generous! Without a job, I am unable to support myself. So give me a job, so that I can survive."

Pharaoh amused by the art and style of his proposal. He said, "O young man! What is your arts and craftsmanship that we may offer you a suitable Job?"
He said, 'O my Lord! I am capable to do any kind of Job, but I will be gratified if I would award any of the public services if a scope my Lord has in his hand."

At that time one of the employees brought a news to the king that the officer in charge of the royal cemetery had died. On hearing the news, Pharaoh said to him, "O young man, right now, we have a Job for you, as the in-charge of the royal cemetery. Do you want to take our offer?"
Qaboos said, "O My Lord! Surely, it will be my pleasure."

Qaboos was very clever with sharp intelligence. After receiving the authoritative power of the royal cemetery, he made an announcement in the city as- "Now, no one shall be permitted to bury any dead body without a permission from the authority as the funeral needed to pay a certain amount as burial fees."

In that year, suddenly a plague broke out in the city. And finding a plentiful supply of the dead body, Qaboos doubled the burial fees. And at the end of the year, he deposited a large amount of money to the royal treasury. The royal authorities were highly satisfied with his service and promoted him as Kotwal [a post of the chief Police officer] of the capital city. This time Qaboos made a good relationship with the prime minister of the royal court of Pharaoh. And having valuable gifts time to time from Qaboos, the Vizer now began to push his name to the Pharaoh, highlighting his various achievements as Kotwal.

The vizier died suddenly. And Pharaoh chooses none from his advisory panel as his prime minister but choose Qaboos as he was more confident with his ability. And Qaboos soon able to prove his competence and wisdom.

A few years of drought and famine in the country. Thinking about the hardships of the people, Qaboos appealed to Pharaoh as, "O Pharaoh! Your subjects are living in a highly hardships caused by the natural disasters over the years. You are generous and very much liberal to your subjects. So you should exempt them from their taxes this year."

Pharaoh accepted his argument and was agreed with a one-year tax exemption. Then, when the government decree declared to the country, all gave thanks to the Vizer Qaboos.

Then Pharaoh died suddenly. And as there was no heir to his throne, an emergency meeting of the senior officials nominated Vizer Qaboos as the heir to the throne.

When Qaboos was enthroned, he appoints his friend Haman as his adviser. Then declared himself as Ramesses-II after the name of a previous liberal ruler Ramesses, who ruled during the time of Joseph.

As long as Joseph [Yusuf] hold a public office and was alive, the Israel had a very good position in Egypt. They have their houses, food, and service and the Egyptians used to be heaved with them cordially. But as the days pass, their conditions started to change, Egyptians began to consider them as foreigners.
Whatever the number of the children of Jacob in Egypt, the number increased day by day. This rapid population growth was because of their religious beliefs, "Be prosper, reproduce and fill the earth." [Bible says- When Jacob went to live in Egypt, they were about 70 people, and then they multiplied to reach 603,550 during Moses.]

Moreover, Pharaoh Ramesses- II, the new ruler on the throne did not know anything about Joseph. He soon became alarmed of the political problem of public safety due to increasing the number of Israelis. So he gave orders that they should save daughters and killed the sons at the time of birth of their children. Qur'an says-

We recite to you from the news of Moses and Pharaoh in truth for a people who believe. Indeed, Pharaoh exalted himself in the land and made its people into factions, oppressing a sector among them, slaughtering their [newborn] sons and keeping their females alive. Indeed, he was of the corrupters. And We wanted to confer a favor upon those who were oppressed in the land and make them leaders and make them inheritors And establish them in the land and show Pharaoh and [his minister] Haman and their soldiers through them that which they had feared. 

And We inspired to the mother of Moses, "Suckle him; but when you fear for him, cast him into the river and do not fear and do not grieve. Indeed, We will return him to you and will make him [one] of the messengers." 
And the family of Pharaoh picked him up [out of the river] so that he would become to them an enemy and a [cause of] grief. Indeed, Pharaoh and Haman and their soldiers were deliberate sinners.-[28:3-8]

[Allah] said, "We will strengthen your arm through your brother and grant you both supremacy so they will not reach you. [It will be] through Our signs; you and those who follow you will be predominant." 
But when Moses came to them with Our signs as clear evidence, they said, "This is not except invented magic, and we have not heard of this [religion] among our forefathers." 
And Moses said, "My Lord is more knowing [than we or you] of who has come with guidance from Him and to whom will be the succession in the home. Indeed, wrongdoers do not succeed."
And Pharaoh said, "O eminent ones, I have not known you to have a god other than me. Then ignite for me, O Haman, [a fire] upon the clay and make for me a tower that I may look at the God of Moses. And indeed, I do think he is among the liars."
And he was arrogant, he and his soldiers, in the land, without right, and they thought that they would not be returned to Us. -[28:36-39]

And We took the Children of Israel across the sea, and Pharaoh and his soldiers pursued them in tyranny and enmity until, when drowning overtook him, he said, "I believe that there is no deity except that in whom the Children of Israel believe, and I am one of them."
Now? And you had disobeyed before and were of the corrupters? So today We will save you in the body that you may be to those who succeed you a sign. And indeed many, among the people, of Our signs, are heedless.-[10:90-92]

After the death of Ramesses- II, his brother al-Walid bin Mus'ab ascended the throne as Ramesses had no sons and daughters. al-Walid was the fourth in the chain of the Pharaohs of Egypt. 

The End.
Not yet corrected.

# A man asked me, "Bro, Pharaoh during Moses [Pharaoh, who raised Moses and Pharaoh during Exodus] was Ramesses- II, is this information correct?

@ I said, Logically and Scripturally this information is Correct. Here are the proofs-

Pharaoh during Moses was Ramesses- II and he is believed to be the same pharaoh of the exodus on the basis of the information: 

"Therefore they did set over them taskmasters to afflict them with their burdens. And they built for Pharaoh treasure cities, Pithom and Ramesses." -Exodus 1:11 

And this Ramesses must be Ramesses-II because we are aware of the Biblical verse that Joseph lived in the "land of Ramesses" 400 years before Ramesses-II ... Bible says:

"So Joseph settled his father and his brothers and gave them a possession in the land of Egypt, in the best of the land, in the land of Ramesses, as Pharaoh had ordered." -Genesis 47:11. 

This means that Pharaoh during Moses cannot be Ramesses-I as there was another Ramesses during Joseph. So Pharaoh during Moses shall be Ramesses-II. Yet it should be noted that The kings of ancient Egypt during the time of Abraham [Genesis 12:10-20], Joseph [Genesis 41] and Moses [e.g., Exodus 2:15] are constantly addressed with the title "Pharaoh" in the Bible. The Qur'an, however, differs from the Bible: the sovereign of Egypt who was a contemporary of Joseph is named "King" (Arabic, Malik); whereas the Bible has named him "Pharaoh". As for the king who ruled during the time of Moses, the Qur'an repeatedly calls him "Pharaoh" (Arabic, firʿawn). 

A king of 18th dynasty was the Pharaoh during the time of Moses and al-Qurtubi in his commentary of the Qur'an [Tafsir al-Qurtubi] cited that the name of this Pharaoh was Qaboos. -ইসলাম ধর্মে মূসা, [cite note-1]

And for Ramesses the answer is hidden by this- sentence-“Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph”-(Exodus 1:8) Then another king, who knew nothing of Joseph, arose over Egypt. -(Acts 7:18)

What these verses mean? Why the king knew nothing of Joseph? 

The rise of a “new king” in Ex. 1:8 must be understood as a new dynasty. In Acts 7:18, the Greek word for “different king,” which means “something that is not like the previous.” The statement “who did not know Joseph” means that this pharaoh has no knowledge of Egyptian history, for it is unlikely that Joseph’s act of saving Egypt and the surrounding world from starvation would have gone unrecorded and untaught. This suggests that the current Pharaoh did not come from a traditional Egyptian background.

"For this is what the Sovereign Lord says: “In the beginning, my people went to live temporarily in Egypt; Assyria oppressed them for no good reason." -Isa. 52:4.

which refers to the pharaoh that oppressed the Israelites as being an Assyrian, a people group from the northern part of the Mesopotamia.

In ancient Egypt, a person ascended to the throne by virtue of a birth right or by being formally declared as the heir of the previous pharaoh. 

The pharaoh during Moses held titular names such as "Lord of the Two Lands" and "High Priest of Every Temple."

"Bro, You just showed proof for supporting your answer then can we consider it as Truth?"
No. Logically we cannot take it as truth.
"What is that logic?"

Look, when we cite any scriptural example ie. any verse from any scripture we should note that the cited verse used only as a proof, not as a TRUTH. Because logically, we cannot consider any verse from any Scripture as TRUTH if it doesn't comply with the sealed scripture. The logic is-

if the truth had not been erased from the Book of Moses, God would not have given to David the second. And if the book of David had not been contaminated, God would not have given to Jesus the Gospel; Similarly, if the book of Jesus ie. Gospel had not been contaminated, God would not have given to Muhammad the Qur’an; 

Thus the above scriptural proof is a Proof sure but shall never consider as truth without certified by the sealed scripture. And a sealed Scripture shall never be considered sealed if it is not for Mankind [ie valid for before creation, after creation to Qiyamah and then after Qiyamah]. 

So a sealed Scripture applicable for all previous scriptures, thus it is said in the Qur'an- “Verily, We have revealed the Reminder (i.e. the Qur’an) to you so that you may explain to the people what has been revealed to them…” [16:44]. Besides this, as humans are free willed, criminals must disagree with their prophets and shall adopt falsehood on them in the day of Judgement and a Prophet of God must be proof blameless against their accusation, thus they shall need much more witness than those are against them to clean themselves. Thus according to Qur'an Muslims shall be the witness in favor of all Prophets and against Mankind. This is the reason that 71% of the Qur'an is for non-Muslims, yet Muslims are memorizing those only for rescuing Prophets blamelessly from any kind of accusation by non-Muslims in the day of Judgement. Thus Qur'an needed to assure Mankind for its content that a- "Falsehood shall not come to it from before it nor from behind". Now you may understand the logics behind relying on Quranic Texts.

So without the support of Qur'an, we can not take any scriptural Proof as truth. 
"But Bro, there is a lot of contradictions within Quran which one may find in the net."
Yeah, and this is the challenge for you, you consider knowledgeable or may say you have scriptural knowledge only if you find answers or may say, able to answer all those contradictions- logically, scientifically or scripturally or any acceptable method. 
"Ok, I understand, but I want to know how you justify Pharaoh during Moses as Ramesses- II?"
Bro, I can only justify this in the following way but can not assure you that is 100% Truth.

When he [Moses] reached full age and was firmly established (in life), We bestowed on him wisdom and knowledge: for thus do We reward those who do good.-Qur'an 28:14

Pharaoh Dynasty
Actually, Qur'anic phrase full age [balagha ashuddah] in the above verse has given rise to differences in interpretation of what exact age is meant by it. Furthermore, this phrase is conjoined with the word firmly established [istawā], which suggests that the phrase balagha ashuddah wa istawā refers to a stage of Moses life in which he attained his full physical as well as spiritual strength. The commentators interpret this as bestowing of Prophethood on Moses and the corresponding age of 40 years (See the commentaries Tafsīr al-Ṭabarī, Tafsīr al-Qurṭubī, Tafsīr al-Jalalyn, Al-Kashshāf of al-Zamakhsharī, etc.).

Again, according to Quranic verses 28:25-29, in Midian, Moses offered to help two girls to water their flocks. The father of the girls agreed to marry one of them to Moses under the condition that he serves him for 8 years and voluntarily for 2 more years to make it 10 years. It is not clear from the Quranic verses if Moses fulfilled 8 or 10 years in Midian. Yet, in any case, we can take any of it that Moses' stay in Midian.

Again, several pieces of information can be obtained from other Quranic verses which suggest that Moses stayed in Egypt for a considerable period of time, measured in years. Firstly, the reference to the affliction of years of droughts and shortage of crops [Qur'an 7:131] and then a period of a good time. And this period shall never be more than 21 yrs to make his reign 66yrs as Manetho said and if we consider pharaoh decreed to kill Israeli sons soon after ascending the throne because Aaron was nearly 5 yrs older than Moses yet not killed.

All these matches with Ramesses- II, thus he is justified as he reigned 66 yrs [5+30+10+21??] 2 months if we consider Manetho is right [
it is because, if we consider Pharaoh takes 40 years to release Hebrews then it becomes 5+30+10+40= 85 yrs]. Actually, you able to come to a conclusion only when you combined Roman, Egyptian, Babylonian kingship with the Historic event and Archeological proof in a single time line that will not contradict Quran.

NB: We Muslims do not believe any scholars, but only- that is scriptural, logically, scientifically can be proved as Truth. 

Now, is there anyone among the Jewish and Christian Scholars to cross us? We will be highly glad if you have enough "Quranic contradiction" data related to this article, for placing them here to refute us.

Torah [Old Testament]
Gospel [New Testament]
The Identification Of Pharaoh During The Time Of Moses by MSM Saifullah, Abdullah David, and Mohammad Ghoniem.